Full-time Instructor - Biology

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


CNM faculty are vital to the College’s vision of “changing lives, building community.” This vision is evidenced by a commitment to teaching and learning that supports our goals of student success, increased student retention, and improved graduation rates. Faculty are responsible for providing high quality instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners so that each student may meet course outcomes and achieve their educational goals. Full-time faculty are also expected to perform college service in addition to the instructional duties listed below. This service beyond instruction is integral to the collaborative and innovative work we engage in with our internal and external community members to continuously improve the student learning experience, CNM’s organizational excellence, and the larger community’s success. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Instruction Duties

  • Effectively prepare, teach, grade, and assess student learning in courses assigned.
  • Create and model a quality learning environment to support a diverse student population, including students with disabilities or special learning needs.
  • Structure classes and curriculum to correspond with program and course outcomes.
  • Prepare, distribute and utilize instructional support materials, including course syllabi, supplementary materials, instructional media and other devices as appropriate.
  • Convene classes as scheduled and respond to student inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Provide assistance to students outside the classroom through posted office hours.
  • Incorporate, as pedagogically appropriate, current technology in a variety of teaching environments.
  • Maintain student records and provide documentation for incompletes within established College timelines.
  • Attend in-service sessions, college/school/department meetings, and convocation, as required.
  • Utilize a variety of technology-based resources to access and input information related to student records and college/school/department processes.
  • Provide for the security of facilities, equipment, and instructional materials and maintain safe working conditions.
  • Abide by all college policies and regulations.
  • Participate in the development and review of course and program outcomes.
  • Update and revise curriculum to maintain currency.
  • Perform other instructional responsibilities as assigned by the Dean.

Professional Development

  • Regularly participate in professional development activities to maintain current knowledge in the field as well as industry credentials required by the program. maintain current credentials or licensures as required by program or accreditation.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities to advance teaching skills and strategies.
  • Participate in other appropriate development activities as may be determined by the Dean.

College, School, Program/Discipline Service

  • Participate in school and college activities such as, but not limited to, developing new curriculum or student recruitment.
  • Collaborate with faculty and staff from other schools/departments to promote communication, coordinate schedules, and support student success.
  • Collaborate with high schools, universities, business and industry or external agencies as appropriate, and assist with program advisory committees as requested.
  • Serve on department, school, and college committees and task teams.
  • Participate in and assist with student activities and clubs.
  • Participate in other activities as appropriate and approved by the dean.
  • Performs other job related duties as assigned.



  • Masters' degree in Biology or related field 


  • One (1) year of post-secondary instructional experience in biology.